1. I am interested in purchasing one of your paintings but it is not clear how to buy or commission your work.


  2. Grigori,
    i LOVE your work!! I am interested in purchasing your paintings “Nude Female Reclining” and “Vase with Roses”, and possibly another landscape that I saw on Etsy. I live in San Diego CA. How do we work together? Please respond to me e-mail address. Thank you.


  3. Hi Grigorii,

    I found your paintings by way of the Saatchi web site. I really like your figurative nude paintings. Most of the nudes that I like the most are sold, but is the Dega 2.0 available? I you paint more nudes I would be very interested in buying one.


  4. Hi Gregorii, your email isn’t working, is there an alternative to use? I am an artist liaison for an online art platform and I am very interested in representing (not exclusively or contractually bound) your work.


  5. Hello,

    On behalf of LIVEFORARTS, I would like to invite you to explore the place where we promote creative people worldwide, helping them to sell art items, share ideas, meet artists in the same field of activity. We do not charge commissions, percentages of sales or contributions of any nature.
    Thank you.



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